Mixing Rock And Indie Music



If you work with me as a mixer, I’ll remotely assist you with your recording process. I’ll be happy to help you with any question you may have. Skype, E-Mail, Phone … No problem, I’m happy to help!


I love when music sounds organic, natural and … dirty! Think of Rival Sons or Royal Blood.  No matter if you’ve recorded on your own, or at a studio – send me your tracks and you’ll get mixes that preserve the authentic identity of your music.


Mastering is about tweaking the last bit of sweetness out of your mixes. Wanna get exciting but still coherent masters, that translates well onto all kinds of different listening systems? I’ve got you covered!


Below are examples of my work.

Besides that you can also listen to the live sessions that I record, mix and master for Vinyly Music.

About Lars

Hi everybody.

My name is Lars Grote and I am a mix engineer with a passion for organic sounding rock and indie music.

I am also co-founder of Vinyly Music, where we record and publish live music sessions with many different but always awesome bands.

Over compressed and over edited music makes me cringe. Therefore I will make sure to preserve the authentic and honest sound of your music.

Are You An Independent Artist?

Check out my Indie Resources page. It contains all sorts of podcasts, articles and videos that can really help you to move forward with your music or band.

Contact Me

Please fill this out if you’d like to get in touch for your project. For general questions email info@larsgrote.net

General Contact Info

  • +32485499297
  • info@larsgrote.net